Newcastle United 3-1 Barnsley (FIFA 10)

Barnsley travelled to St James’ Park this weekend to face championship leaders Newcastle United.
Newcastle was always going to be the favourites and the 52000 strong crowd wasn’t disappointed.
Newcastle with the bulk of possession dominated proceedings from the outset. Lovenkrands scoring in the 22nd minute and then Jonas in the 28th minute to give the home side a commanding 2-0 lead both goals coming after some terrible defensive mistakes.
Newcastle didn’t have it all their own way however, as Barnsley pulled one goal back in the 32nd minute courtesy of a brilliant strike from the edge of the box by Hume.
The contest was again dominated by Newcastle after that and Lovenkrands added another goal on 43 minutes after getting onto a brilliant through ball and sliding it past the keeper for his second of the match.
In the second half it could have been far worse for Barnsley if it wasn’t for some exceptional saves from the keeper. They would have been very happy to keep Newcastle goaless.
Newcastle Manager Dante Hicks was delighted with his team’s performance but said they need to be scoring more from situations where they find themselves one-on-one with the keeper. He said they were improving but were still really at semi-pro difficulty.
Next Newcastle travel to the Emirates stadium to face Arsenal in the 4th round of the league cup.

Match Facts:

Newcastle United                                                                                            Barnsley

3                                                              Goals                                                     1

14                                                           Shots                                                     4

10                                                           On Target                                            4

54%                                                        Possession                                          46%

13                                                           Tackles                                                 15

1                                                              Fouls                                                     1

0                                                              Yellow Cards                                      1

0                                                              Red Cards                                            0

71%                                                        Shot Accuracy                                    100%

80%                                                        Passing                                                 78%

Lovenkrands 2 (22’,43’)                                                                                 Hume 32’
Jonas 28’



Man of the Match: Peter Lovenkrands, Newcastle United

Crowd: 51,987 at St James’ Park Newcastle


Suffocation – Blood Oath

  1. Blood Oath
  2. Dismal Dream
  3. Pray For Forgiveness
  4. Images Of Purgatory
  5. Cataclysmic Purification
  6. Mental Hemorrhage
  7. Come Hell Or High Priest
  8. Undeserving
  9. Provoking The Disturbed
  10. Marital Decimation

I saw Suffocation live for the first time a few months ago, they were supporting Arch Enemy at the Forum in Melbourne. I hadn’t really heard of them until this point but before the gig I checked out their myspace page and liked what I heard.

Their performance was one of the best Metal shows i have seen for a long time. Full of energy and pure metal brutality. In fact I think they were just as good if not better than Arch Enemy who I was there to see primarily.
This prompted me to check out their CDs. The only one available in Melbourne at the time was Blood Oath which is the new one.

This album is brilliant. Around 50 minutes of pure death metal listening enjoyment. I can’t fault it. every song is awesome. This will go down as one of the classic death metal albums of all time.
The drumming is insane, the bass drums in particular just make me want to get up and start moshing!
The guitar work is some of the most technical death metal I have heard since Death’s Sound of Perseverance and with the down tuning it is mega heavy too.

Buy it!