I guess eating just isn’t for me….

So I had an eventful Labour day long weekend.

On Saturday after spending the day visiting my 3 year old niece, I was a little tired but my darling wife had the idea of going out for Greek. I love Greek food and decided why not? What’s the worse that could happen right?

Well we went out to the restaurant in Niddrie. We were lucky to get a table as we hadn’t booked, so we were up the back in the corner (I would prefer this anyway).

Mrs Punkologist suggested the banquet and I liked the look of it, so we went with that.
First came out the dips and bread, and it was great, then sausages which were brilliant, then the Calamari which was delicious….. for 5 minutes, until all of a sudden I went bright red, my throat closed up, my temperature skyrocketed and I felt like I was going to throw up. I have never felt worse in my life and I have experienced asthma attacks before.

So we paid for the entrees and left straight away, I threw up on the way to the car but that was nothing compared to how I was feeling, my legs had turned to jelly and I felt like my head was about to explode from the pressure on my eyes and ears. It did help though. We went home and I tried in vain to lie down and calm down before I developed a rash that covered most of my upper body.

At this stage we decided it was probably best to go to the hospital. So the closest to us is Royal Melbourne, Mrs Punkologist drove me there. It was one of the longest drives ever. After navigating the corridors leading from the car park to the emergency ward, we waited in line and I felt like fainting. They took one look at me and I was rushed out the back while Mrs Punkologist filled out the paperwork. The doctor later suggested an ambulance would be the best course of action if this should happen again.

So I was on the oxygen and had a heart rate monitor which showed my heart was racing. Talk was going on about whether I should be having an injection of adrenalin. The nurse prepared me for that by sticking a needle in my arm but hitting 2 veins! That area was abandoned and then I was lucky enough to have a needle in my wrist to insert the needle thingy for easy and fast needles later if needed.

From that point on my health started to improve. I was moved to another room by another nurse and a few hours later I was groggy but ok.

I’m sure I was faring far better than the guy in the room next to me that was constantly throwing up, or the 4 people who had fallen off their roofs during the storm that day.

So evidently I now have developed an allergy to Calamari to go with the IBS I developed a bit under 2 years ago. I guess eating just isn’t for me…


One thought on “I guess eating just isn’t for me….

  1. You poor poor bastard. Reading your symptoms and knowing that sounds like anaphylactic shock, I’m A M A Z E D by how long you waited it out before hospital, you’re a f’n trooper (but I wouldn’t recommend it, because you probably nearly died). Hope you’re feeling better, that must have been quite scary as well as downright uncomfortable.

    Maybe you should go vegetarian…;)

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