IBS, Gut Permeability and Naturopathy

Have you been diagnosed with IBS  (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)? If you have you probably like me have been frustrated to learn that the doctors have no idea what to do with it and give virtually no assistance whatsoever.  It could actually be gut permeability, but don’t expect a doctor to suggest that or even know what it is.

I have struggled with IBS for nearly 3 years now and I have finally found some very good help and I feel much better for it.

I went to Melbourne Natural Wellness centre www.melbournenaturalwellness.com.au and saw Deanne Linde about 3 months ago after it was recommended by a work colleague of my wife. I had tests done for food sensitivities and was started on a de-tox program. The test produced a list of foods that my body sensitive to (not allergic). Mine came up with gluten and dairy, even though I am not coeliac.

What Deanne explained was that my problems were related to a condition known as gut permeability (or leaky gut syndrome). This means that the lining of your digestive system has been damaged and is allowing food to go straight into your blood stream.  This gets worse and worse over time and causes further problems like allergies (I am now allergic to Calamari). The de-tox program is designed to remove all the toxins from my system that are causing the problem and then help my body to repair the damage. You get to take some very bad tasting medicine during this time as well as a very strict diet, it’s probably easier to list what you can have than what you can’t, fresh fruit and veggies, water, lean meats and certain nuts.

I have now completed the program and I feel much better, I have virtually no symptoms at all and much more energy, I have lost 15 kgs and I am much more confident when eating.

I still have to steer clear of gluten and dairy for the time being but they will gradually be re-introduced.

If you have IBS and are struggling without help, I certainly recommend seeing a Naturopath.