Ice Skating

For the last 5 weeks I have been doing Ice Skating lessons at the Ice House in Melbourne

Before the lessons, I hated ice skating. I was one of the people that would stumble around the edge hugging the wall. I had 4 year old kids zooming past me and getting annoyed that I was in their way, pretty soul destroying.

First we learnt to fall down correctly, I thought I had plenty of experience at that, but it was good to learn how to not hurt myself doing it. I then finally learnt how to properly balance on the ice, it’s kind of like learning to ride a bike for the first time, it seems impossible until it just clicks. It still requires concentration (and bending your knees!!) but I’m getting better every week.

After 5 weeks I can now skate forwards and gather up some fairly good speed but not quite ready for speed skating competitions. I can turn, glide and kind of do a hockey stop (that’s a work in progress).

I bought these last night, they make a massive difference:

Reebok 2k Hockey Skates

Reebok 2k Hockey Skates

Sharper blades, more comfortable and light. I’ll be ready for Ice hockey in no time 😉 (that’s the ultimate plan but I have quite a way to go).


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