Battlefield Bad Company 2

I pre-ordered Battlefield Bad Company 2 from steam and got access to the closed PC Beta.

I have played all the Battlefield games going back to Battlefield 1942. I never really liked any FPS’s until I discovered the Battlefield series. There is something about it them that really grabs me.

I tried Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and sold it after playing the short single player mode and then having 30 unenjoyable minutes in the multiplayer. 

Battlefield Bad Company 2 has brought the series back to the lofty heights of Battlefield 2. It has a way to suck you in and get you working as a team in your squad to acheive the team goals. This can be done with one of the 4 classes that all have a place in the squad. The medics revive and drop health packs, assault drop ammo, recon spot enemies and engineers help to take out vehicles. All collecting stat points along the way to unlocking better guns and equipment.

If your a bit FPS challenged like myself (I’m improving!), this also makes it far more fun than dying constantly in small maps full of rooms and hallways and 14 year old FPS veterans that care only about their kill/death ratio.

This video was posted on the official website, it is a great indication of the fun to be had with this game.
Bring on March 2nd!


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